• Sam MacAdam

Edinburgh International Harp Festival #EIHF


This was my first time at the harp festival - and I spent the week volunteering all across it - tuning 60 harps (man, I'm so glad for my electronic tuner with pick-up, and I really wish all harp keys were standardised!), helping out with beginners' classes, manning the box office and using the slick new online system, helping with set up, playing in a concert, and watching and chatting to a lot of harpers!

And the first moment of beautiful Scottish spring weather only helped.

The RCS Harp party (below) played at the tea concert, with group arrangements and solos. I played a particularly spooky set which I arranged when I was unnecessarily excited about Halloween last year.

It was such a pleasure to be involved with the harp festival - all of the volunteers work so hard throughout the festival, and I feel it gave me such a great overview of what was involved. The amount of visitors to the festival from all over the world means that it relies heavily upon its volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the festival.

And a post without the harp festival wouldn't be complete without mentioning the exhibition - I have never seen so many harps in one space and oh my goodness it was amazing and I was in heaven.

Did I mention - I also bought a new harp?



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