• Sam MacAdam

Nat & Sam, Interrobang, Hashtaghashtag

We have had such an amazing time lately playing together at poetry/spoken word nights. Firstly for the Shore Poets, and then for Interrobang! It was such a treat to see other artists from the poets to Miss Irenie Rose who was breathtaking.

Working together over the past few months has been an amazing experience - and certainly had its challenges! Playing with a guitar and harp we had to make sure that neither of us was getting in the way of the other, either in terms of frequencies or texture, as the plucked strings of both can sound similar.

Playing with a guitar can add such depth and rhythm to the texture, leaving me free to add in groovy/driving bass lines and focus on playing high-speed and nimble melodic lines.

On repeats Nat sometimes doubled it whilst I provided a harmony, or played in a different octave.

The depth produced from playing with a guitar is much greater than playing solo - along with the added interaction from playing with another person!

We had an absolutely blast, and have more rehearsals and recording plans in the pipelines! Thanks to everyone at Shore Poets and Interrobang for having us.



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