• Sam MacAdam

Cuddystone Hall, Mr &  Mrs Black

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of driving down to Northumberland national park for a very special DIY wedding. I love weddings, and seeing how much work and creativity goes into the decorations and plannings always makes me awestruck and realise how much of a labour of love it is to plan the wedding.

From the beautiful lace bunting, to the hundreds of jam jars filled with flowers (I was chatting to friends and family who were saying they'd been saving them for a while!), to hand painted signs and itineraries, and my personal favourite was the couple's Nissan figaro decorated with tin cans. 

Harps are beautiful, but have many strings. This wedding was the first time I had one break on me - just five minutes before Rachel was due down the aisle! Luckily I'm incredibly speedy at restringing the harp, but I think the pop gave everyone a slight fright. 

And after the English afternoon tea themed wedding breakfast (which was delicious!) The Sleekit Beasties oversaw some very impressive ceilidh dancing.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of your special day! 



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