• Sam MacAdam


Well hello everybody! I can't believe it's 2019, and I last posted in 2016.

So how was your 2018?

For me it was a big one - I graduated in July with a First Class Honours Degree (SO HAPPY!) and was able to be a 'full time musician' with no studying. I was working full time anyway, but now I get to sleep 8 hours a night - it's bliss.

Since then I have published a book with my friends and colleagues, taken our harp group and some amazing young people to Dunoon

for the National Mod, played at over 60 weddings (and eaten a lot of wedding cake), run an adults' harp residential weekend and started to knit a jumper.

Coming up we have the Harp Bazaar tour to Skye (which is very exciting - have I mentioned we'll be axe throwing!), a Gaelic piano book that's almost ready for printing, and I hope to be able to do a full lap of the ice rink without touching the side.



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