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What music will you play?

What music would you like? The ceremony is entirely bespoke - your choices don't have to be off of my song list (but feel free to use it as inspiration). I've arranged obscure B-sides, wedding classics, video game music, Debussy - the important thing is to choose music that means a lot to both of you.


For the drinks reception I choose off of my song list, but I'm happy to take your lead in terms of style, genre, favourite songs, etcetc. Feel free to message me if you have other songs in mind, I might have played them before and have the music for them so it's always worth asking!


Clarsach or pedal harp?

This is where we get awkwardly technical, so feel free to see my playlists below for some ideas.

In short, the pedal harp is the show stopper - the 6 foot tall beast of an instrument that everyone thinks of when they think of the harp. It's pretty magical, and really is a work of art. I can go up stairs, except for tight spiral staircases.

The clarsach is the traditional Scottish harp - it's slightly smaller (4ft) and more portable, and perfect for going up the towers of castles or anywhere that space is an issue.

I can play most things on both harps, although for Classical music and Studio Ghibli I would strongly recommend the pedal harp.



Will our guests be able to hear you?

Drinks receptions can get slightly rowdy - in a good, 'we haven't seen each other in about 18 months how are you?' kind of a way. Both of my harps are amplified and I bring discrete amplification with me. I'm totally self contained, and the extra boost means that your guests can be as merry and celebratory as they like, and the harp will still carry.

Can you play outside?

Yes! There's nothing nicer than a ceremony or drinks reception in the sun and once the sunny days hit there's nothing better than a day spent outside playing the harp. If there's any rain (and we do live in Scotland...) then I will need to move inside. Or under a gazebo. Or to whichever wet weather plan you have.


If you've chosen the pedal harp then I need to be on a flat, dry, surface. I'll also bring a rug with me in case of any damp ground.

The clarsach is on a seperate stand so I can go absolutely anywhere - I've been up hills, on beaches, in lovely country park lawns.

Both of my harps are amplified which is ideal for outside - without amplification the harp can get a little lost, with amplification it'll reach all across sunny grounds.

What suppliers did you book? Do you know a ceilidh band?

Oh wow, thanks for asking! I just love these guys so much and I reaaaaaally wanted to mention them. They've all been so helpful in this current pandemic with my rescheduling and it makes me so glad I picked them.

Photographic Genius Lianne Mackay

Floristry Wizard Betty Bluebell

Glasgow Venue Cottiers

I'm also in a ceilidh/covers wedding band The Sleekit Beasties

How do we book you?

Send me a wee message and I'll give you an accurate quote based on the prices on my packages page and your specific requirements. I take a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure the date and then the balance is due closer to the wedding.



Pedal harp

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